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Notary Services

Notary Services 

When selecting a notarial service, you may seek advice from an attorney, the agent who
prepared your document, or choose from the following: 

This verifies the identity of the person who signed and confirms that they signed the document
You don't have to sign in the presence of the notary but you must be personally present to verify your identity and signature

This is used to when the person who signs is swearing to the truthfulness
regarding content of the document and personally signs in the presence of the notary

Copy Certification
A Power of Attorney may be certified that a copy is an accurate reproduction of the original
For other documents, the signor may create a statement about a document and have this
signed document notarized with an acknowledgment or jurat.

You may ask the notary for an acknowledgment or jurat document if you do not have access to one.

In Order for a proper notarization:

* You must be personally present

* You must have proper ID  
A California Driver's License or ID Card
A United States Passport
A US Military ID card (must have a signature)
Contact Notary for additional acceptable ID's
(all identification must be current or not expired over 5 years,
however for loan signings, Id's must be current)

* Documents must be complete, there may not be any blank areas

Notarized signatures are $15 each
Travel fees may apply. Please call for additional information.

I am not an attorney and cannot give legal advice including
choosing the type of notarization you may need.
I cannot interpret any document for you.
As a notary, I cannot complete any document for you.
Questions regarding your document should be directed to the attorney
or agent who prepared it for you

Registered, Bonded and Certified in California

Our service is confidential.
Our service is professional.